Friday, August 3, 2012

Young man in a hurry

Angel Carromero, the Spanish Partido Popular activist who was driving the car in which Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero were killed in the accident near Bayamo, was judged this year to be unfit to drive in Spain.  He had such a long record of traffic infractions that he was about to lose his driver’s license, according to today’s El Pais and El Mundo (Madrid). 

On May 18, 2012 Spanish traffic authorities issued a public notice that his license was to be revoked, giving him ten days in which to dispute the action.  His infractions included three for excessive speed, including one that brought a maximum fine of 520 Euros ($634).  He was fined a total of 3,700 Euros for 42 infractions since 2009.

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Antonio said...

Wow, shocking news on this guy. I recall once reading this comment on a travel site. Someone said that the two main reasons foreigners end up in Cuban jail are driving accidents and having sex with underage girls.