Thursday, August 30, 2012


"If the dissident movement intends to turn itself into a political alternative it will need to travel a more independent and home-grown path that gathers the hopes and demands of part of the Cuban people and adds them together, converting itself into a force that has social weight.

"But this path doesn’t pass through Madrid or Stockholm, and no Nordic sorcerer’s apprentice will know as much about Cuba as Cubans themselves.  The advisers that the dissidents need are much closer than they imagine; they are their own compatriots."

   – BBC correspondent Fernando Ravsberg, in his weekly column

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Peters,

These were not advisers but merely couriers transferring messages and funds between opposition organizations abroad and in the island.

Foreigners are used for these purposes because when detected and caught by the security apparatus they are generally deported and not allowed to return to Cuba thereafter instead of being given prison sentences.

These penalties are of much less concern to foreigners as compared to Cubans. We would face separation from our homeland, as well as from family and friends.

This is a more severe deterrent and reduces the number of Cubans willing to volunteer for these activities.

Furthermore, the individual Cuban American political inclinations are known by the Cuban authorities and active opponents are generally denied entrance to the island.

The few lukewarm opponents that are allowed in are known by the security apparatus and also very closely watched which does not make them very useful couriers.

All these factors contribute to the use of foreigners whose political opinions are less well known and who are more difficult to identify and to watch for these purposes.

This is specially true of fluent spanish speakers that can blend in among the general population and be less likely to catch the informers attention.

The reppressive conditions existing in the island will probably make the continued use of foreign spanish speaking couriers a necessity for the opposition movement.