Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chairman Joe declares

This election year just got even more interesting with the announcement by Miami-Dade Democratic Chairman Joe Garcia that he will challenge Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart for Florida’s District 25 seat in the House of Representatives.

Rui Ferreira broke the story in EL Nuevo Herald.

Garcia, a sharp and always bilingually quotable operative, is making his first run for elective office; his career includes time as head of the Cuban American National Foundation and director of its program to resettle Cubans in the United States. Diaz-Balart, no slouch, has a background in private business and in the state legislature.

Voters are sure to benefit from a good competition between two strong candidates. Cuba policy will be only one of the issues dividing them; Diaz-Balart is a champion of President Bush’s policy, including his 2004 family sanctions that affect many District 25 constituents. Garcia supports the embargo, but says that “the Cuban family is not an impediment to Cuban liberty, but rather an instrument of it.”


Anonymous said...

Garcia has run before. Forgot what office -- county commisioner? He got crushed by one of the Diaz de la Portillas.

Anonymous said...

Congressional Quarterly ranks district 25 as "Safe Republican" and there's little reason to believe Joe can change that dynamic. He won't be "crushed" but he'll lose to Mario with about 45% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

I want Joe! go Joe!

Anonymous said...

Joe Garcia is a weak and ineffective spokesman for Cuban Americans. His opponent is also a truely disgusting politician who brings nothing to the table.
It's a shame that after 50 years in Miami and the USA we Cubans have such poor represntation from our elected "so called leaders"!
Neither of these two deserve our vote or our support or our money.
It's a shame, but if I had to vote , I would vote for the current congressman because his years in office will add up to having seniority so he can best help his district, instead of voting for Garcia who has been a proffessional "goffer" for Mas Canosa and a sell out to Democrats.I can see him now as a congressman apoligizing to the voters when the National Democrats critize the Cuban American community!