Friday, February 29, 2008

Odds and ends

  • Cuba signs UN human rights conventions, but says it will state unspecified “reservations or interpretive declarations” in the future. AP story here; provisions of the conventions here; discussion of Fidel’s opposition, expressed in 2001 and reiterated last year, here.

  • Twenty-four senators call on the Administration to review its approach to toward Cuba, promote trade and travel, and end a “policy based on sanctions, passivity, and waiting.” Their letter here (pdf); the signers are Senators Baucus, Enzi, Dodd, Landrieu, Wyden, Crapo, Feingold, Craig, Johnson, Lincoln, Pryor, Cantwell, Hagel, Bingaman, Stabenow, Conrad, Dorgan, Roberts, Feinstein, Murray, Specter, Harkin, Akaka, Boxer.


Anonymous said...

Bertone's statement clearly demonstrates the Church does not intend to be a player in Cuba's coming transition.

theCardinal said...

The fact that there are political prisoners in Cuba has NOTHING to do with the embargo or sanctions of any kind. The fact that he seems to lay the blame for everything that ails Cuba on the embargo is disgraceful and shameful.

I oppose the embargo because it is just an excuse for the Cuban Govt to blame its problems on it but it is hardly what has wrecked the island nation.

Cardinal Bertone is a disgrace and an embarrassment. If John Paul II wasn't dead already this would kill him. As a devout Catholic I am embarrassed by Cardinal Bertone's actions and words.

theCardinal said...

As for the letter from the Senators...since the "Dear Commandante" letter I don't bother reading anything with Chris Dodd's signature attached to it. If I want to read commie drivel I can always link to Granma.

Anonymous said...

to the cardinal(the blogger above making those childish comments) - you are stupid redneck. I thought Latins weren't supposed to be rednecks.. oh wait, Cubans are the exception.

Cubans are the most successful latin group true, but they are paradoxically (the old folk) most red-neckish.

Anonymous said...

I agreee with the Cardinal,Chris Dood is an idiot and I am glad no one from the Democratic voters in several states took him seriously. God help us if an idiot like this one would ever become President of the USA.
A proud Cuban redneck.