Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fidel's promo

Maybe Fidel Castro, as columnist, got the sense that his five-part series on Senator McCain was not catching fire with the public.

He ended his latest “reflection” asking readers’ forgiveness for “the time and space I occupied for five days” writing about McCain, and just before that, he wrote a one-sentence “tease:”

“In the next reflection I will treat an issue of interest to many compatriots, but I will not say what it is.”

We’re all waiting. On February 24, Cuba’s National Assembly will choose the next President of the Council of State.


Sharpshooter said...

Maybe it will be a panegiric full of praise for Barack Hussein Obama and all the qualities and virtues he has to be the next President of USA.
Does this decrepit and feeble old man ever sleeps?

Anonymous said...

its funny how right wingers , like Agustin, make sure to use Barack "Hussein" Obama. Putting the stress on Hussein.

I question why right-wing extremists, folks like Limbaugh and Hannity, always stress the "Hussein" when referring to Obama, but mainstream and regular folk do not - nor does Obama use his middle name often - like most of us.

I suspect that farinas, like Limbaugh, unconsciously want us to get fearful of someone with a "werid" last name. Its pathetic. Educated folk just don't fall for such stupidity. I quite like that our likely next president has a exotic name. Thougth cubans would as well, since they know all to well the injustice of discrimination.

Anonymous said...

By the way, McCain would be a president of perpetual war. The military -industrial complex love this. America and lady liberty do not!@

Anonymous said...

I agree that Agustin is fear mongering when using the whole name. He, Agustin, is criticizing Obama for an allegedly lack of substance while at the same time is stressing the Hussein. Agustin, is that what you call to have substance? What if part of the substance of Obama is not playing these stupid games and focusing instead more on important and positive matters? Don't you realize, my dear Agustin, that you are just repeating and repeating unsubstantiated claims?
On the other hand, I don't think that in the next article Fidel will deal with the possible outcome of February 24th election. I bet he won't. How much Phil?
Don’t be surprised if Fidel keeps the same formal role after that day.

Sharpshooter said...

I am still waiting for the substance in Barack Hussein Obama's platitudes and speeches.
Besides Hope and more Hope, what is there? Besides Yes We Can, over and over again, what do we have there? Zero. Messianism to the Nth degree and nothing else. The folks that follow this guy, treat him like a rock star or some kind of god. He is neither, he is a very flawed individual about whom we know absolutley nothing. But I am sure we will find out when the general elections are ready to take place.
Hillary is afraid to attack this guy and rightly so, because the vultures of the PC media will pounce on her in a heartbeat for being racist if she does. But if you have no problems with a guy whose elder brother is a leader in Kenya of a Muslim party, who advocated the Sharia Law, and who congratulated the candidate Odinga during the recent elections, go ahead, kncok yourself out and vote for him. Is a free country (still?) and you are entitled to your vote just like me. As for me, I will vote for McCain simply because I will hate to see his relatives sporting Islamic garb at 1600 Pennsylvannia ave on Jan 09. You know what I mean,Vern?

Anonymous said...