Friday, February 29, 2008

"Musical diplomacy"

The visit of the New York Philharmonic to North Korea has been noticed in Cuba. Miriam Leiva, a former Cuban diplomat and leader of the Damas de Blanco, wonders in an essay (pdf) why Washington “is not capable of an intelligent policy” toward Cuba. She notes the affinities and affection between Cubans and Americans, and says U.S. restrictions “are eliminating an injection of friendship, experiences, and democracy.”


Anonymous said...

The people over at babalu refuse to deal with these "inconsistencies" related to their dogmatic stance on Cuba. They choose to ignore all news "fit to print"

Anonymous said...

The question my dear Peters is why on Saturday El Nuevo Herald did not run this comment by Miriam and only the one by Claver Carone and the Miami Herald run both.

Phil Peters said...

My dear Viamontes, that's a very good question.