Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cuba 1954

Via Babalu, a terrific photo album posted on Picasaweb, “Fotos de Cuba Obras Publicas circa 1954.” Pictures from all over Havana including the Parque Central, Centro Habana, Miramar, Malecon, Prado, a brand-new tunnel under the Almendares (the one at Linea?), and more, with a focus on new public works and their builders. A strolling Batista, above.


Anonymous said...
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Sharpshooter said...

A casual look at these pictures from Cua's past will clearly show the havoc and great destruction cAstro has visited upon the island, specially in Havana, where a beautiful city has been turned into a resemblance of a bombed out city. Street potholes, building in a digraceful state of disrepair, houses falling down, filthy water running through the streets and crumbling buildings. But is probably because of the US embargo that the city looks like it went through a war, not Cuba's failed policies.

Fantomas said...

Es penoso decirlo Batista hizo mucho ms por cuba en pocos años que fidel en 50