Friday, March 25, 2011

President Carter en route to Cuba (Updated)

With the news that former President Carter is on his way to Cuba, here’s an excerpt of his speech from his 2002 visit that was televised in Cuba and that ran in Granma:

“Cuba has adopted a socialist government where one political party dominates, and people are not permitted to organize any opposition movements. Your constitution recognizes freedom of speech and association, but other laws deny these freedoms to those who disagree with the government.”

Update: Carter has been told not to expect USAID contractor Alan Gross to be released during his trip, Reuters reports. A brief note in Granma says the “excelentísimo” Carter will have a meeting with President Raul Castro.


tredway said...

There is much potential in President Carter's visit since it is 'unofficial' while he carries a great deal of moral and post-presidency credibility. It would be difficult to find a U.S. citizen more capable of negotiating the release of Alan Gross and having a frank and open discussion with Cuban officials about a way forward in the relationship.
While the right wing always attacks President Carter's outreach to Cuba, the vast majority of the U.S. support his initiatives while respecting his clear-eyed, pragmatic building of relationships.

Anonymous said...

I love his clear-eyed, pragmatic building of the relationship based on releasing the 5 convicted spies, removing the Cuban regime from the list of countries who sponsor terrorism, ending the "cruel blockade" and allowing American visitors to go spend mountains of money on the island.
Never mind some free elections, and ending the restrictions of citizen's free movement and travel, end the represion and allowing some basic human rights.
Yeah. That is the way to move forward the relationship btetween the two countries.
Carter carries with him the great moral credibility of being the only anti-semitic ex-president and a rabid defender of Hamas and the PLO.
Talk about a great moral credibility!