Thursday, October 20, 2011

A daughter's grief

Laura Pollan’s daughter told the Herald that her mother received “very good attention” in the hospital in the week leading up to her death, and that doctors even seemed to attempt “the impossible” as if to avoid later accusations of lackadaisical care. “No one put pressure” to perform a fast cremation, the daughter, Laura Labrada, said. Rather, it was done within hours so that she could return home to Manzanillo to grieve with her own family.

Regardless of all this, seven dissidents issued a statement implying that Cuban authorities may have killed Pollan and rushed her cremation. Pollan’s widower Hector Maseda was not among the seven. The statement offered no evidence. They warned without a trace of irony that “any supposed ailment” they suffer or their eventual deaths could be the subject of political manipulation by the communist government.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another example of why these dissidents have little cred in Cuba, and less and less outside. When did evidence ever matter to them?