Thursday, October 20, 2011

Enemies within

“The battle fronts are becoming more diverse. We have to fight even within our own ranks.”

That’s the conclusion of this article by Orlando Fondevila, “Neutralizing el exilio,” which looks at the ways in which old instruments of pressure on the Cuban government are eroding from within as, among other things, more Cubans abroad engage with their country. The article appeared at Zoe Valdes’ blog.

My look at the same set of issues is here and here in Spanish.

Cuban officials, smarter than the average bear, know what’s going on and see the flows of people and funds and their impact. For years, Havana’s posture toward Cubans abroad has been that they are welcome to come to Cuba if they respect local law. The impact of Cuban-American engagement is greater now because laws have changed there and here.

But in the first instance the protagonists are Cuban Americans (and other Cubans abroad). I think we have just begun to see the reaction from Cuban American legislators who in the name of freedom there would restrict Cuban Americans’ freedom here – and who in the name of tearing down a system that enforces conformity of thought there would change U.S. law to ensure that immigrants behave like exiles, whether they feel themselves to be exiled or not.

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Anonymous said...

wow... great post

I think a lot of this old school anti-family stance in Miami (i.e. babalu, rubio types) has to do with the fact that they have no immediate family or even friends in Cuba. I would love to see data on this, but I suspect my claim is true.

Moreover, most hardliner CA in USA don't really even know much about Cuba or Latin America (culturally). They (old school CA in miami) are just really right wing gringos in cultural outlook. Their view as USA as the sole provider of 'goodness' is an example.

Also, they must be jealous too of folks who are 'transnational, living in two cultures (cuba/US) at once. Right wing gringo types have no idea about transnationalism, since they are living in their USA is the world bubble.

The old school hardliners have just lost all contact with the island (family, cutural) so its easier to call for silly/petty appraoches, such as fighting 'the enemy within'. Eating pig or drinking cafecito is not the same as seeing the world as a normal cuban, latin american for that matter. Rubio should be ashamed.