Monday, October 17, 2011

Laura Pollan, R.I.P.

Laura Pollan led the Damas de Blanco and kept the organization together even after its original purpose, the freedom of their loved ones whose political activism landed them in jail, was achieved in the recent prisoner releases.

With only a dozen of their members still in Cuba, the rest having left with the released prisoners and hundreds of other family members, the Damas are becoming a more conventional political organization, calling for political change in Cuba and expanding their numbers by adding supporters (damas de apoyo”) who often joined their marches and vigils. Years ago, the Damas’ initial turn in this direction caused some internal division, the usual talk of meddling from outside, and the departure of some members.

From a better place, Pollan will now watch how the Damas and other opposition groups fare in their effort to win public attention and support. R.I.P.


Video of Tracey Eaton’s interview with her.

Comments from Yoani Sanchez and Ernesto Hernandez Busto.

Pollan filmed in a demonstration in a Cuban television program (at 16:25) that alleges U.S. links to Cuban dissidents.

An account of her conversation by videoconference with first lady Laura Bush and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez in the aftermath of the hurricanes that swept Cuba in 2008.

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