Thursday, October 20, 2011

Odds and ends

  • The UK’s Ambassador in Havana, Dianna Melrose, spoke out last month on detentions of political and rights activists.

  • Reuters: As the date for beginning drilling in Cuba’s Gulf waters draws closer, U.S. Senators are trying to figure out the arrangements the Administration should make with regard to Spain’s Repsol, the lead company in the exploration/production partnership with Cuba’s Cupet. The head of Florida’s Senate, meanwhile, is trying to figure out who is involved and he is stuck on the Chinese. More detail on the discussions in the Senate here from Argus Media.

  • Cuba rendered to the United States two persons wanted for murder in New Jersey following joint action by state, federal, and Cuban authorities. (Café Fuerte, Camden Courier-Post).

  • A guide to Cuba travel in New York magazine.

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