Wednesday, October 5, 2011


“There are several reasons for the lack of attention [to human rights activists in Cuba]. First, it’s maddeningly difficult to get solid, verifiable information out of Cuba…. Another, thornier problem is the very members of Congress who are now sounding the alarm. They’ve cried wolf so many times in the past that it would take a pack of wolves to get the media’s attention. Our congressional delegation has spent much of its political capital protesting policies that most Americans see as reasonable — liberalizing travel to Cuba by exiles and American citizens and increasing remittances — or have sponsored laws that seem petty and vindictive. Like denying Cuba scholars the right to do research on the island no matter who’s paying for it. They’ve also gone ballistic on even President Obama’s most timid efforts to reach out to the Castro regime. The upshot is largely indifference when our Cuban-American members of Congress complain about Castro. And compassion fatigue for the courageous Cubans who are demanding reforms.”

– Miami journalist Michael Putney, in today’s Herald

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Anonymous said...

yep. crying wolf theory confirmed