Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Colonel Simmons back on tour (updated)

Lt. Col. Chris Simmons returns to Oscar Haza’s Miami television program A Mano Limpia tonight, and his publicist promises that he will “identify more Cuban spies and their operations in the U.S. More on his previous appearance and his statement that there are Cuban agents in the White House (I’m not making that up) here, here, and here.

[Update: I did not see the program, but it is covered in El Nuevo Herald and at Cubapolidata. El Nuevo reports that Simmons claimed to have proof for his new acusations but did not present them on the program. That would be par for the course for this smear artist, and if Oscar Haza didn’t press him for details, that would be par for the course too.]


Anonymous said...

I heard he's going to name names at the Lexington Institute

Anonymous said...

Lisandro Perez
Julia Sweig
Sylvia Wilhem

he's closing in Peters

theCardinal said...

He is going to name everyone that disagrees with the embargo at some point. No doubt he'll mention Peters at some point and for his grand finale he'll name Jorge Mas Santos or Joe Garcia. The guy is pure scum and many good people are eating this crap up.