Friday, October 3, 2008

Odds and ends

  • According to this press report, Senator Menendez of New Jersey urged the President of Cyprus not to open an embassy in Havana. The United States has more accredited diplomats in Havana than any other country; the article doesn’t say whether the President asked the Senator about that.

  • Not so fast: EFE reports that Cuba’s ambassador in Madrid says Cuba accepted the EU proposal for a political dialogue, but “first it’s necessary to discuss and agree upon the bases on which this political dialogue can occur,” and he pointed out the need for the talks to be between “equals, respecting the independence of the states, the principle of non-interference…” etc.

  • After denying visas to two Prensa Latina reporters to return from Cuba to the UN bureau, where they have worked since 2005, the State Department reversed course and granted the visas.

  • Another story from the British media about potential golf course development: there’s “a frisson of excitement about Cuba,” “a country which is still, in theory, Marxist,” talk of investment by Sir Terence Conran, and a project involving “villas and apartments” and a “a boutique hotel, spa and an 18 hole championship golf course.”


Anonymous said...

Peters, the great majority of those accredited diplomats are consular officers who can't process the papers fast enough for every Cuban who wants to leave and come to the United States.

siva sinnapodi said...
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