Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Odds and ends

  • The Sun-Sentinel reports on the post-hurricane crackdown on black market activity involving food. More here from AP, and from Cubanet, from Santa Clara.

  • The UN’s World Food Program announced a $5.7 million program to provide food, storage facilities, and cooking equipment to areas hit by the hurricanes. About one in six Cubans, 1.78 million people, will be served.

  • Cuban Colada notes a Russian newspaper story that gives one Russian analyst’s explanation for Russia’s decision to help Cuba with air defense.

  • Encuentro is asking Cubans to write their advice to the next American president. Three letters have been published so far, from Dagoberto Valdes (editor of Convivencia) and opposition figures Manuel Cuesta Morua and Martha Beatriz Roque. Valdes (indirectly) and Cuesta (very directly) oppose current U.S. sanctions. Roque limits herself to advising a new U.S. president to take Latin America seriously.

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