Friday, October 24, 2008

UN report on embargo

In advance of the UN General Assembly debate on the Cuban resolution opposing the U.S. embargo, the UN Secretary General released a report on the “implementation” of last year’s resolution (pdf here, 112 pages).

At first glance, it consists mostly of brief statements from member states explaining that they have no embargo against Cuba and oppose that of the United States. Cuba’s statement, 27 pages, is the longest; the United States did not respond. At the end are statements from UN agencies, many of which are substantive, including that of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (p. 86).


Anonymous said...

Let cuban-americans visit our blood left in cuba! its a god given right, that bush and mclame (and red-neck sallY) wants to take away from me and my kids!

Daniel said...

Thanks for this Phil. However the link takes you to the UN doc system but it cannot locate the report. How can the report be located?