Friday, October 24, 2008

Musing about Obama

Even with election day ten days away, people are speculating about the impact of an Obama win, and in the case of two professors cited here, they’re speculating about the impact on Cuba.

Here’s a very original take from an American professor, Jose Buscaglia, who says of an Obama victory, “Nothing could be more threatening to the long-held views of the Cuban ‘comandantes’ and generals, as well as to the institutions they have carefully developed over the last half century to keep their country under the tightest control.”

And from Havana, a specialist in U.S. relations speculates about a possible dialogue between the two governments. His remarks (or at least the remarks quoted in this article) seem to assume that the talks would focus on trade issues. My guess is that that would be the least likely possibility.


Anonymous said...

Would Raul Castro think for a minute about surrendering Chavez over a path to complete normalization with the US?
How would Chavez react after seeing Raul and Obama together? He already said not to get confused, Obama is the representative of the imperialism and that he is more of the same. He needs kind of Bush’s fuel to promote his Revolution and apparently is not going to get it from a Raul-Obama meeting.
Would Raul ban Obama’s t-shirts and caps in Cuban universities?
Are we going to see Biden-Machado?
EL gobierno cubano se anota otro punto en la región. Análisis sobre el reciente pacto migratorio Cuba-México.

Anonymous said...

let me visit my mama en havana.

please god!

afina said...

Why and how did the red-neck no nothing wing of the GOP base take control of our party.

I've leaving , too many bible thumpers and hidden nativists in this party. Why any cuban american would stay in GOP is beyond me

I mean, most GOP outside Miami hate Hispanics (not the politians, but the actual base - the vast majority of whom don't even have a passport let alone have left their state)

grow up GOP or I'm leaving.. you are embarassing me.