Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not such a bad guy after all

North Korea was removed from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism last weekend.

North Korea hates the designation and has long sought removal from the list, and it seems that the Bush Administration took this action as part of the bargaining involving North Korea’s nuclear program.

What seems to be missing is any explanation of how North Korea’s behavior changed – with regard to terrorism, not its nuclear program – in a way that would support its removal from the list. (At the State Department press conference where four senior officials announced the move, no one from the counterterrorism office was there.)

I have seen no explanation since in the press, and there is some commentary chiding the Bush Administration for carrying out “a negotiated exchange of one set of words for another,” without North Korea changing its behavior.

If the list was used in this case as a political bargaining chip that moves us a step closer to containing North Korean nuclear development, then three cheers for President Bush.

But then let’s stop pretending the list is based strictly on evidence, insulated from political or other considerations. If that were the case, in our hemisphere, Venezuela would probably be on the list, and Cuba would be off.


leftside said...

You seem shocked that these US Government lists and certifications are based on political considerations, rather than a straight reading of the facts. In a world where old school coercion and force are increasingly frowned upon, these lists and designations (cooperation on drugs, human trafficking, human rights, terror, etc.) are one of the few tools the US has left to flex its muscles and use its "sticks". The US has recently punished Bolivia for its insubordination on drugs with millions and is threatening Ecuador for its giving the US the boot in Manta.

The Cuban inclusion on that list has been a farce for 25 years - and I applaud you for saying so.

Anonymous said...

Dolts, please do not deny that for decades Cuba trained and aided terrorists from all over the world. The question is, are they still doing it? And if they stopped, was it because they simply could no longer afford to do it (likely) or because they no longer want to be treated like an international pariah (unlikely). Seems the first wouldn't get them off the list but the second could.

Fantomas said...

Cuba should remain on that list until the Revolution is completamente Gone

Is this too much to ask , folks?

Anonymous said...

when are you going to leave Los Angeles and move to North Korea or Cuba and live among the folks that think like you?. When are you going to stand up for your beliefs and live like a communist instead of "suffering the abuses and injustices" of the capitalist society you hate so much there in L.A.? When are you going to be true to yourself and your ideas? You seem to be disgusted and hate living in a capitalist society, yet you do not make any effort to correct that and move out of the US. Why is that? Why not enjoy the rewards, camaraderie and benefits of a communist society? Why not?

leftside said...

I am fighting for the Revolution where it is needed most anon - right here in the US. Thanks for your concern though. If an when we have children though, that indulgence may have to take a back seat. My wife and I often talk about moving to a socialist country - her more than me.

Anonymous said...

Please let us know when you are planning the move because I will like to contribute to your fund for the moving expenses. I will love nothing more than to see you enjoy the benefits and wonderful things you are being deprived of here in the heart of capitalism. Please make it soon before Fidel dies so you can go to his funeral in person. I will give anything to see you after just 6 months in Cuba living as a regular Cuban. Please do us a favor, make sure you renounce your US citizenship forever when you leave so you cannot come back here again. The Cuban people deserve you and their govt. can use your talents there much better than here where they are not appreciated. Somehow I believe you are full of feces and will continue to "suffer" here in the heart of capitalism rather than enjoy socialism at its best anywhere else. You know why? Because I have seen your kind many times in New York and San Francisco. You guys are all talk and no action. You guys are called "caviar revolutionaries" because you enjoy living in a capitalist society while tearing it down but are too chicken shit to move to any society that practices what you preach and belive in. Look it up in the dictionary it is called hipocrisy.

mr. x said...

well said, anon. Leftside's "revolutionary"-ism is an adolescent pretense, an affectation caused by some deep-seated guilt about how good we have it in the United States. The life's goal of millions around the world is to emigrate here so they can participate in the greatness that is America. And the likes of leftside can't stand it. Go figure. And, yes, leftside wouldn't last one week living as a "worker" in Cuba. Oh, but he will extol the Cuban noble savage from the comfort of his capitalistic existence for his sacrifices in building the fantastical new world order.

Anonymous said...

Repubilcans have become facists (and dumb too. look at palin)

The intellectual conservatives are now openly articulating disdain for what has become of their party ..CUrrent GOP mantra - if you have different point of view than us you are ANTI america

sounds kind of like Castro rationale but just flipped. said...

"But then let’s stop pretending the list is based strictly on evidence, insulated from political or other considerations. If that were the case, in our hemisphere, Venezuela would probably be on the list, and Cuba would be off."

I agree completely.