Friday, January 16, 2009

Dissidents: Radio Marti is boring

“Agenda para la Transición,” the dissident group led by Martha Beatriz Roque, has written the State Department to call for “urgent changes” at Radio Marti, El Nuevo Herald reports. According to Vladimiro Roca, the group’s spokesman, the programming is more in tune with Miami than with the Cuban audience, and “is so bad and so uninteresting to the Cuban people that no one listens.”

The group made other suggestions, he said, “such as returning the station’s headquarters to Washington, which is where it should be and from where it never should have moved.”


Anonymous said...

They're right about the move being a mistake. Lots of dedicated, competent people were involved with the station when they were at L'Enfant Plaza. Their contributions are sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

yep, moving to miami was the worst decision... getting a bunch of under edcuated folks with just raw emotions, too biased, etc..

my family in cuba, who are not fidelistas, laugh at radio marti, b/c its so cheezy and patronizing.