Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Odds and ends

  • Cuba’s roster for this year’s World Baseball Classic is here; if you click the “change country” field you can check all the other countries’ rosters. The tournament schedule is here.

  • Alien smuggling arrests: in Mexico, a Russian and another person were detained while trying to smuggle Cubans across Mexico’s southern border, and a Hialeah man was arrested Monday and charged yesterday for bringing eight undocumented Cubans to Boynton Beach, Florida by boat.

  • The Wall Street Journal has a no-byline article on a Cuban family’s 50 years of political disillusionment and the trials it has faced in years of work to assist child cancer patients and their families. The conclusion of Carmen Vallejo: “No more revolutions, please. My life has taught me that change should be gradual. No more revolution. Never again.” The article is accompanied by a short video that describes the electronic signboard on the U.S. Interests Section as an element of “information warfare” that sends “unauthorized news and provocations into Cuba.”

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