Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama watch (Updated)

President-elect Obama gave an interview to Univision and addressed Cuba policy. He said that Cuban American travel and remittances are “a good place to start,” and he is open to talks with Cuba “as long as Cuba is also seriously willing to open up personal freedoms.” That’s my translation from the Notimex report. I searched for a transcript or video of the interview and came up dry. Washington Post coverage here.

[Update: Ernesto at Penultimos Dias has posted the video here.]


Ernesto said...

I'm trying to confirm the exact Obama's words. Pero la entrevista (emitida en dos segmentos en programas diferentes: "Aquí y ahora", el martes, y "Al punto", el domingo) fue doblada automaticamente y no se escuchan las palabras de Obama. Ojo con esto, no parece demasiado serio.

Anonymous said...

I have little hopes for Obama to get serious on Cuba, namely to ask Congress to prepare legislation to lift the unconstitutional travel restrictions on all Americans.
All this hedging terminology "the embargo gives us leverage", "if Cuba opens up personal freedoms" bla bla bla etc. - the Cubans haven't done it in the last 50 years, why would they do it now?
Obama's just anothet pol who sells himself and his ambitions a bit more intelligently, but he'll hope to pass on the Cuban hot potato to his successor, just like all of his predecessors.
The US is losing the last shred of its credibility in foreign policy- and fast. Very sad.

leftside said...

I believe after a period of mutual confidence building, Cuba would be prepared to make concrete political reforms when, and only when, the US makes clear its policy of regime change is over and ended. That means no more money for subversion, no TV/Radio Marti, an end to the selective Cuban migration policy, etc. I see Raul continuing to make administrative economic reforms, which will buttress Obama's piecemeal dismantling of the most idiotic aspects of US-Cuba policy. First a repeal of Bush's crap regs,, then going back to Clinton's people-to-people crap, then perhaps some real progress.

Anonymous said...

Oh god I hope he turns back the clock to the pre-Bush regulations before George re-defined the human genome to exclude aunts and uncles. I have so much family I haven't seen in so many years. I miss them so. Please Mr. President - let us see our families - I beg of you from the bottom of my heart. Please. Please. Please. Please.