Friday, January 30, 2009

Memorial to the Soviet Internationalist Soldier

With Raul Castro in Russia, I’m reminded of the Russian president’s recent visit to Cuba, and a wreath laying at the “Memorial to the Soviet Internationalist Soldier” covered by Prensa Latina here.

By chance, I ran across the memorial while finding my way back into Havana from the southwest. There was a guard (and a dog, a lot less fierce than he looks), but no one who could explain the significance of the memorial. Readers, please chime in.

The name makes one think of Soviets dying in combat, but as I asked around, I was told that the soldiers honored there were stationed in Cuba in the early 1960’s and died mainly in accidents and training. The dates on the markers honoring each soldier are from that period.

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Anonymous said...

neat memorial, never knew of its existence.. thanks for info.