Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rumor time

Fidel Castro has not written one of his Reflexiones since December 15, he did not appear for the 50th anniversary of the revolution, and his anniversary message was very brief. All this has led to speculation that his health is failing. Reuters summarizes the chisme here. While we’re on the topic, let’s note that it has been 25 months since our Director of National Intelligence said Fidel had “months, not years” ahead of him.

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Anonymous said...

Very brief? It was a long message all of 16 words long. For the Communist Tyrant that is a new world record. And on the 50th Anniversary of his Robolution no less! If he can meet with visiting dignataries how come he cannot even stand up for 5 minutes to film a video to address the Cuban people? Why can he speak on the radi at least and say something? Obviosly the answer is that he is indisposed or dead, hopefully the latter.
the Tyrant is history and he will nevrr appear again in public except for his burial. Good riddance once and for all! Hopefully Satan has his reserved place all clean and waiting for him.