Friday, June 22, 2007

Campaigning in Miami-Dade

Senator McCain was in Miami the other day, gave a speech on Latin America, and devoted two paragraphs to Cuba, declaring that he “will not passively await the long-overdue demise of the Castro dictatorship.” His measures are a continuation of President Bush’s policies, with an added commitment to “prosecute Cuban officials implicated in the murder of Americans, drug trafficking and other crimes.”

Mayor Giuliani was in Hialeah yesterday. According to the St. Petersburg Times, he loves Cuban food, hates Castro, and chides Hollywood types who glamorize Castro even though he “was horrible to gays and lesbians.”

Oh boy.

Aside from Mitt Romney’s cribbing of Venceremos Brigade rhetoric, this may be an election in which the candidates have nothing new to add to the Cuba playbook. Which means, we can guess, that we’re in for a competition of symbolism and rhetoric to show whose love and commitment is most genuine.

Giuliani also mentioned that his wife is learning Spanish, by the way.

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