Monday, June 11, 2007


In Spanish, a sensitive essay in El Nuevo Herald on the different experiences and outlooks of different generations of the Cuban diaspora, from the exilio historico to the most recent generation of emigrants who don’t even consider themselves exiles.

“We, the first exiles, a shouting and firm minority, are a species in extinction. It is time that we open our eyes to the reality of some 11 million who did not know that other Cuba and who lived and still live another reality. Who were educated in another system and make up the society of today and the society of the future…The next Cuba is in the hands of those 11 million there.”

And the author, Gloria Leal, a first-generation exile, concludes by calling on her generation to step aside in favor of those 11 million.

It seems Fidel Castro is not the only one doing some reflecting.


Anonymous said...

I agreed, a country cannot live on memories from another generation; they have their own cruel reality. But we cannot stop our fight against the tyranny that oppresses those 11 million, we are fighting their battle not ours, we are passé.


The Ginger said...

I am interested in reading the article you mention in this blog entry, as I'm writing a paper on the subject for a course on diaspora.
The link you provide for the article no longer works, and I was wondering if you could just provide me with the article's title, so that I can look it up.