Monday, June 18, 2007

Odds and ends


leftside said...

OT: I found AP reporter Anita Snow's elusive interactive "blog" about her experience eating as a Cuban eats for a month. Enjoy

leftside said...

Watch for neo-cons in the US to exploit the "Iranian connection" to both Cuba and Venezuela. The wicked witch of the Wall Street Journal, O'Grady, has already run such a scare piece.

Nevermind that the cooperation with Venezuela has to do mostly to do with OPEC - as 2 founding members who carry a lot of influence within the fractured body. And nevermind that the Cuban assistance is for such nefarious activity as damn building. hard liners know most Americans and American media do not care for the fine print, so they think they've got a winning issue to buck the growing tide against their outdated positions.