Friday, June 15, 2007

“A growing threat from Latin American totalitarianism”

Soon-to-be presidential candidate Fred Thompson makes a big nod to Cuban-American voters in a radio commentary: when it comes to the national security threat from Cuba, “we should have been listening to our Cuban-Americans friends” for a long time.

He outlines his views about the “Venezuelan and Cuban axis of influence” in our hemisphere, and says “Chavez would love to get his hands on nuclear weapons.”

He implies that if the Cuban economy were to collapse, Cuba’s political system would change: “One of the main factors preventing Cuba's transition towards democracy is Venezuelan oil wealth.”

After declaring that “America is facing a growing threat from Latin American totalitarianism,” Thompson’s response is that we need to “free Radio and TV Marti and let them fight for freedom in the realm of ideas.”

Free Radio and TV Marti?

I think what he means, as you see in this earlier commentary, is that he’s a fan of U.S. international broadcasting, and wants to see it directed toward Venezuela, and wants to see the battle of ideas take advantage of new media.

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