Thursday, June 7, 2007

Odds and ends

  • Don’t know what to make of this one – possible intermediaries approach the U.S. government, possibly on behalf of Cuba, Cuba says according to a U.S. official that they probably were not speaking on Cuba’s behalf. There has never been a shortage of parties interested in mediating between Washington and Havana, and to my knowledge there has never been an interest on either side in using them, considering that the two governments have perfectly good channels of direct communication. Of course, there has been a shortage of issues that the two sides are interested in negotiating.

  • More dumping on Spain: In El Nuevo Herald, Soren Triff argues that Cuba’s dissidents put Spain in its place and strengthened themselves – converted themselves into “real agents of change” – by refusing to meet with the Spanish foreign minister’s aide. But the argument is a little tortured, hanging its hat in the end on People’s Weekly World. And the dissidents were pushing hard for a meeting with the foreign minister himself.

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