Sunday, February 24, 2008

WSJ: end the embargo

It shouldn’t go without noting that The Wall Street Journal reiterated its opposition to the U.S. embargo last week at the end of an editorial looking back on Fidel Castro’s rule. Read the editorial, “49 years of Fidel,” here.


Anonymous said...

thanks, didn't catch that.

Let's see in the US, the right (CATO, WSJ) and left has come out against the embargo.

Oh, our dear friends in Miami. Is it just that you have the truth and noone else in the world can see?

Anonymous said...

What embargo? When one sells $500 million dollars yearly in food stuffs, somehow I don't see any embargo. Now, if the US does not want to buy any Cuban products or grant credits to buy anything, it is their right to do so. When Cuba pays cash, the goods are delivered. Credit? Well that is another story. Maybe when Cuba pays for the stolen American properties, that issue may be resolved.

Fantomas said...

I will say set all political prisoners free, end los actos de repudio and political persecution persecution, in exchange for lifting the embargo...90 days to pay in full

will the cubans agree, of course not... not according to what I saw today

fidel will veto it

Phil Peters said...

What embargo?

The one that says you can’t sell anything but agricultural and medical products, you can’t import, you can’t invest, you can’t travel unless you get a license from the federal government, you can’t make a humanitarian donation even to a church unless you get a second license from another federal agency, you can’t send money to help a Cuban in need unless you’re a Cuban American helping a relative, you can’t visit a relative except once every three years, and if you are a Cuban American and you want to help or visit a relative that is not “immediate” by our government’s definition, you can just forget it.

That embargo.

Anonymous said...

The other embargo:

1)no travel unless you have a white card issued by the govt.
2) no access to hotels and beaches unless you are a foreign turist
3)no right to a private business
4)no access to foreign currency and goods unless you have relatives overseas who will send them. You get paid in worthless pesos.
5)no right to publish anything unless it meets the govt. communist political line.
6)no right to a fair trial
7)no rights to be reunited with your family if you left without permission and you are branded a traitor and your family is held as hostage.
What about that that embargo, Phil?

Phil Peters said...

The question was about US embargo, eagle eye.

Fantomas said...

The question was about US embargo, eagle eye

Phil dont get upset , my god, dont b jumpy about eagle eye

what embargo when your President has been an inept enforcing it. Why do we have to sell 600 million dollars a year from paper to rice to machinery to cows, paper that it is use to print the toilet paper cubans use the most Granma

Phil I have an out of order question for you

Confess or callate

Have you ever wiped your behind while in cuba with the granma paper, specially with the side of a page of fidel smiling and laughing at you

Anonymous said...

Phil's only concern is with the US embargo, not the one imposed by the Cuban regime on its own people.
The embargo of not being allowed into hotels and hospitals reserved exclusively for foreigners and the upper nomenklatura.
The embargo against the Cuban people who are not allowed to shop for goods unless the have dollars and yet they are paid in pesos for their labor(!!!)
The embargo of not being aloowed to travel unless they obtain a whitecard for persmission to leave their own country.
The embargo of not being allowed access to Internet sites that are not part of the Cuban Intranet.
The embargo of not being allowed to own a miserable cell phone unless you area a foreigner or a Cuban living outside of the country.
The embargo against open a small
business in Cuba while the nomenklatura's sons and daughters have businesses overseas in places such as Canary Islnads, Madrid, France and Italy. Capitalism for their offsprings while the Cuban people are not allowed such enterprises.
That embargo nobody wants to talk about. It is is always the US embargo that resonates here. The Cuban govt. embargo against its own people, that one, noboy wants to mention. It is a closed subject, it is Tabu, you see.