Wednesday, December 21, 2011

357,000 entrepreneurs

The December sessions of Cuba’s legislature always provide information on economic policies and the economy’s performance, and this year’s information flow has started:

  • There are 357,000 licensed small entrepreneurs, compared to 143,000 in late 2010.

  • The bureaucracy is under criticism for taking too long and making it too hard for applicants who want to get a piece of idle land and put it into agricultural production.

  • Since new measures went into effect, 6009 car sales have been approved, also 301 home sales, 565 donations of homes, and 401 swaps.

And from other sources:

  • The income tax rates paid by entrepreneurs will be reduced (from Cuban television report).

  • Reuters: To improve farm incentives and production, policies concerning land grants are being changed: the plots will be bigger, lease terms are increasing from 10 to 25 years, and the land and houses or other improvements may be transferred to family members.

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