Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fireworks coming

The Democracy Movement led by Miami’s Ramon Saul Sanchez will lead a flotilla of boats to the edge of Cuban territorial waters December 9, and will set off fireworks that evening on the eve of the UN Human Rights Day.

The idea is for the fireworks to be seen by Cubans living along the coast.

According to this report (partially translated at Babalu), 16 vessels are signed up and “five or six” are confirmed. The group is determined to stay out of Cuban waters, which means the vessels will hover more than twelve miles offshore. Sanchez says that he is “collaborating” with U.S. officials in this regard.

Sanchez describes the group as men and women willing “to risk their lives in the Straits of Florida simply to set off lights of freedom for their country.”

There has been no public reaction from Cuban officials, but this article at Cubadebate gives you an idea: “U.S. government authorizes provocation against Cuba.”

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Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain fireworks will not be noticed from 12 miles away.