Wednesday, December 7, 2011


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Antonio said...

Beautiful place. Another quick note on history, and how President John F. Kennedy definitely spared the city some destruction in April 1961.

Trinidad was the original landing site the CIA selected for the Bay of Pigs landing, before JFK insisted on moving it to a more secluded location with a landing strip (Which Trinidad did not have at the time).
The invasion location was moved about 70 km west, and we got the name "Bay of Pigs".

If things had remained at Trinidad, the invasion may just have succeeded (If you define success as helping the invading force land, establish a beach head and connect with anti- Castro forces, who were already nearby in the Sierra Escambray mountains).

Of course, we would have a different name for the whole fiasco. I guess Ancon Beach does not sound as interesting as "The Bay of Pigs."