Thursday, December 8, 2011

Odds and ends

  • El Nuevo Herald: Organizers of Friday’s flotilla say they will keep a distance from Cuba’s 12-mile limit, and the Coast Guard says it will have patrols in the area but will not interfere with “legitimate security measures taken by the Cuban government. Which sounds like the Coast Guard will advise the flotilla of its location, and if any vessels in the flotilla enter Cuban waters they are on their own.

  • AFP: Cardinal Ortega heads to Rome this weekend and it is expected that during his visit the announcement of the dates of the Pope’s visit to Cuba and Mexico, expected to be March 23-28, will be made. AP has a Cuban church source confirming that the announcement will be made Monday.

  • Juventud Rebelde: Cuba’s yellow pages are accepting listings from private businesses for the first time; simple listings or display ads.

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