Monday, December 26, 2011

The Christmas rush

CBS: “Twenty-nine flights from the U.S. landed Thursday at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport, forcing airport administrators to quickly shuffle employees around to reinforce the baggage handlers and immigration officials swamped by holiday travelers, mostly – though not all – Cuban-Americans coming here to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve with relatives.”

AP reports here on the Cuban Americans “streaming to the island” for the holidays.


Anonymous said...

What about some comments on the postponed, and anxiously awaited, migration reform? That has overshadowed Raúl's speech, turning it into a disappoinment for many Cubans, at home and abroad. Terrible.

Anonymous said...


One just can't even comprehend how Rubio, babalu et al. would want to deny fellow US citizens the right to see their relatives--, when and how they wish wihout involvement of the US state. Amazing the rubio even calls himself a conservative, as he wishes that the US state becomes involved and heavy-handed in the most intimate way possible. -- denying citizens the abiltiy to see their family.. Ironic if not tragic