Monday, December 19, 2011

Odds and ends

  • Juventud Rebelde notes the death of North Korea’s Kim Jong Il, reporting that the statement read on North Korean television said he died of “physical and mental exhaustion while on a train trip outside the capital.”

  • Granma: A Vatican delegation visits Cuba to prepare the visit of the Pope, meets Raul Castro, no date announced.

  • Imagine: the Obama Administration retained the Bush director of Radio/TV Marti, and he carried out a personnel reduction in 2009 that shielded supporters and fired critics. That’s the conclusion of an independent arbitrator; Washington Post story here.

  • Trabajadores: Cuba hit the record for arrivals of foreign visitors in one year last Tuesday. 2.53 million and counting.

  • Reuters: Fernando Noy, a military officer who ran an important importing company is arrested on charges of corruption.

  • AP goes to the Malecon to see how new economic policies are changing the neighborhood.

  • “It would be a disgrace if the Obama administration broke with tradition and used a penny of that critical funding to reward political cronies,” said Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart in a Herald article on “complaints” about a USAID grant to the Cuban American National Foundation.


Anonymous said...

The statistic showing increasing foreign arrivals in Cuba is telling. While I recognize that some of this increase is due to increasing CA visits from USA, the fact is, - the whole world is travelling to Cuba.

As a result, no matter what we (USA) do in terms of travel policy to Cuba, the rest of the world will continue , and increasingly so, to visit Cuba for tourism (and trade with them). This fact means that any anti-travel policies for the USA, particularly family travel, has no real impact on the 'health of the regime'. The rest of the world we not (thankfully) follow our foolishness in terms of Cuba, since they respect national soverignity.

In the USA, there are large circles of people (e.g., neo-cons) who don't respect national soverignity, and basically want to invade/influence all 'enemy' countries. Just look at how the hardliners characterized the recent Russian elections. But not a peep from them about elections in neighboring Georgia, which is even more corrupt and anti-democratic than Russia, if they really want to have the debate.

brianmack said...

Kim Jong was a bad man, plain and simple. To honor him in any way, in my opinion, is a travesty. Fidel Castro, fits that mold and I know this from so many of the Cuban exiles who actually, initially, supported him. I have had many discussions on this matter and I equate Mr. Jong with
Fidel Castro.
The Cuban population isn't stupid nor unaware how screwed up life is in Cuba. Please, to all those who are so adamant on this embargo and the hatred for Fidel Castro, drop it and let's get the message to the Cuban people. Listen to those who stayed in Cuba and plead with us to stop this insanity! Let's open up high speed computers, direct telephone, mail and trade!