Thursday, October 22, 2009

A columnist goes too far

I have noted Juventud Rebelde’s surprising coverage of economic issues several times (see here and here and here).

It now seems that one of its writers has gone a little too far; a fascinating October 16 column by reporter Jose Alejandro Rodriguez was on the newspaper’s website but was taken down; you can read it here thanks to blogger Jorge Ferrer.

Rodriguez, writing from the point of view of a committed socialist, sounds like a reporter would anywhere as he complains about restrictions on his newspaper’s ability to do its job. Information is a “reporters’s duty and a citizen’s right,” he says, and Cubans need information now more than ever. He complains that Cuban officials refuse interviews on important subjects, even when they have been covered in international media, and he complains that information suffers from the same “excessive centralization of our economy and our society in general.” The Herald’s Juan Tamayo translates other excerpts here.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, this Rodriguez character appears to be just another troublemaker implanted in the heart of the Revolution by the reactionary Miami moles and their CIA puppeteers.

There is only one solution for his kind: PAREDON!

Once he and his cohorts are quietly disposed of, people of good will, such as Hugo Chavez and Johnny Boy MdAuliff, can press on with the vital work of "reconciliation" with the First Free Territory of the Americas. No obstacle can be allowed to stand in the way of perfeccionando the Revolutionary Process. Adelante, companeros, a better world is in birth!