Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Odds and ends

  • New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin visited Cuba to learn about disaster response, prompting Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio to take a shot at “Hurricane Fidel” in National Review Online.

  • Orlando Sentinel: Recent immigrants from Cuba are prominent in the Florida indoor marijuana growing business.

  • Blunder time: Spain’s ABC reports that Cuba has rejected the U.S. offer to ease restrictions on diplomats’ movements, citing a Herald article that reports only that Cuba has not responded.

  • The Herald’s ombudsman does a long and careful examination of allegations against columnist Marifeli Perez-Stable and concludes: “Unless her critics can come up with something firm, their accusations border on paranoia and slander.”


Anonymous said...

Professor Perez-Estable wrote a very nice obituary of Carlos Rafael Rodriguez a few years back. Very touching, heartfelt obituary! Would she get a US security clearance with her background?

She is very nice lady and if she says that she is not a Cuban intelligence agent she must not be one.

Vecino de NF

Anonymous said...

paranoia and slander? if it walks like a duck...

Peters, I hope you're around when they open the Cuban files so you can report on the contents therein. It's not going to pretty...for either side.