Thursday, October 1, 2009

GAO on the embargo

The Government Accountability Office has issued a new report on the U.S. embargo; the summary is here, and here’s the full report (pdf). At first glance, it appears to cover the current status of U.S. sanctions, the statutes on which they are based, and options available to the President and Congress to modify the embargo or to end it altogether.


leftside said...

What a depressing report. To see all the energy gone into economically strangling the Cuban people - for daring to take the socialist path. And to find, 50 years later, that all has been a waste. Cuba has more prestige in the world than ever.

leftside said...
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Anonymous said...

On Planet Leftside, Cuba has more prestige in the world than ever -- but no one would ever dare emulate their policies.

Anonymous said...

for anon 844, whatever the case, unless you live in Cuba, its none of your damn business.

To use governmetn policy as tool to change internal poicies of another country (no matter if they are bad), is imperialism plain and simple.

I see neo-cons live on in Miami!

love live the imperialists!

Anonymous said...

and the gusanos just don't have a frigging clue that American acts are being used to influence the policies of another country.
i just don't understand how they can talk with their head so far in the sands, i guess they talk out of their culos. the funniest ones are those who try to claim that american actions have had no affect on cuba. just another in a long, long series of lies these idiots keep spewing.