Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cuban Americans: end travel restrictions

A new Bendixen poll shows a 59 percent majority of Cuban Americans supporting unrestricted travel to Cuba by all Americans. Only 29 percent are opposed. Among Cuban Americans who arrived here before 1980, 48 percent are in favor compared to 32 percent of that group when polled in 2002.

Thanks to Rui Ferreira for posting the poll results.


Anonymous said...

so end the restrictions, who or what still supports it, and why??

even the cuba americans (interesting re recent immigrants) see the light. only the hard liners will continue to support it.

whats the justification now

The Hate said...

Go to Cuba. Give Fidel and his communist army of slaves (i.e., the majority of the masses) my regards. Go to your fancy beach resorts and spend your weekly American checks on Fidel. It is like saying, "Viva la Revolucion. Viva Fidel. Viva El Che." But you cannot see that. What can an unprincipled man like yourself see?

Now, for those who believe that by traveling to Cuba you will liberate the dissident youth, the disaffected populace, I commend you and am doggedly poised to fight for such rights, for those who yearn for such essential rights. For those who wish to splish-splash at the playa and singar some Cubanitas, you know what I think of you. And perhaps it is time to give Fidel what he does not truly want--the lifting of the embargo and travel restrictions--and see what happens. But, my guess is that, in the end, we will all realize which Cuban-Americans are worth a damn, as well as which Cubans are worth liberating. I will not be as alarmed by the conclusions as many will be. We will have to see.
Abajo con Fidel. Viva Cuba Libre.

The Hate

Anonymous said...

the Hate, you are hypocrite. when you buy gas do you think about the 'terrorists' you are fundings. are you saying 'viva chavez' .

you are idiot. its about freedom ... if you think its bad to travel to cuba - don't go. If I think its okay, I'll go! *ck you.

most cubans (real cubans) including dissidents living on the isla advocate us unrestricted travel.

I guess you are 'unamerican' (majority of americans want unrestricted travel to cuba, as does our constitution). You are also 'anti cuban" ..since the vast majority of real cubans , pro or anti-regime, want normal relations with ALL countries.

you are country-less i guess, the hate. keep hating.

Anonymous said...

Anon. October 21, 2009 11:06 PM:

I have never ever purchased gas from Citgo or Petro Express. I tell you, I am a principled man. These are matters you cannot understand. Nothing you have conjectured about the Cuban masses is new to me. I know Cubans like yourself and those you support. Deep down, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you do not hate Fidel; and you are more pro-regime than you are anti-regime. But it is about freedom; that much is fact. Enjoy yourself in the socialist paradise. Cuba es tu orgullo. I grew out of that long long ago.

The Hate

Anonymous said...

"Our" Constitution??? You can barely write in English you imbecile. If you are an American citizen then they need to rewrite the test.


Anonymous said...

pidgen, what the hell is your problem, all you are doing lately is taking shots at the english skills of any poster you disagree with -- and this from the idiot who made himself look a complete and utter moron with his pidgen comment. and then didn't have the cojones to admit his mistake -- typical gusano.

but that's what it takes to be a pidgen.

the point braniac,, is you goofs scream about freedom of cuba but do your best to continue the travel restrictions for all americans.

and for the hate, you are the perfect example of why the revolution has survived for 50 years, and will continue. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Imbecile II,

Let me tell you what I despise (besides Castro bootlickers): when foreigners try to wrap themselves up in the US Constitution without knowing a thing about it since your own crappy countries rewrite theirs every two years.


Anonymous said...

pidgen, please explain how you know what country these posters live in?
and what countries, please inform us all dumb illeterate imegrants, change their constitution every two years.

pigden, pidgen, pidgen, you are such a pidgen.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's right, Imbecile II, Latin America is a paragon of constitutional stability. And we also desperately need experts like Imbecile I to interpret the US Consitution for us.


Anonymous said...

pidgen, who was talking about LA; there are other countries that have constitutions that haven't changed.
and your tolerance for those who want to interpret the US constitution is commendable -- typical fascist attitude; another fine posting pidgen.

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