Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Governor Richardson speaks

Governor Bill Richardson spoke in Washington last Friday about U.S. policy toward Cuba, and C-Span has the appearance on video. His basic view seems to be that both sides need to act, U.S. travel restrictions should end, and it would be good in the near term to focus on small humanitarian steps by each side that generate confidence. He spoke a little flippantly about his and others’ past talks about release of political prisoners. He noted that Cuba is not interested in unilateral releases now; it wants to release political prisoners in exchange for the return of the Cuban Five.


Anonymous said...

does a tree falling alone in the forest make any sound?

Anonymous said...

It appears that the Cuban Five is a very important obstacle to the releasing of Political Prisoner's in Cuba. I think that most of those who
fled Cuba in the early sixties absolutely, and with good reason think that the issues are far great than that. This regime is, in my opinion, BAD! The USA however has
done more harm to change the powers
presently in power due to the embargo. I have had experience in the past with visiting countries that the USA found to be run by dictators etc and now they're are
best friends (Romania, Czechoslovakia in particular.) This was back in 1971. It is time
to end the embargo. The embargo,
is an affront to all American's who
wish to travel freely.

Anonymous said...

You are a fool.

Anonymous said...

a fool to end the embargo for the betterment of the cuban people. you are an idiot and the worst type of gusano

theCardinal said...

this is tough. openning up travel without getting anything at all in return makes no sense. I almost feel that the Cubans would actually prefer to get the tourists and keep the rest of the embargo from upsetting the system.

There is no way the US can tie together the 5 with political prisoners. The 5 were spies the dissidents were opponents of the regime but Castro inc. would love for this to be sold as a prisoner exchange.

I think Richardson has the right idea but the path to normalized relations is going to be difficult.