Friday, October 30, 2009

Odds and ends

  • Bloomberg: The Treasury Department agrees that its policy that blocks Microsoft and Google instant messaging software in Cuba and other countries is dumb, and is convening meetings with other federal agencies to figure out how to undo it. Kudos to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (!) for answering a letter from the public, in this case from the Center for Democracy in the Americas.

  • Miami’s New Times on Robert Kelly, an international man of mystery who says he was recruited by Cuba, then duped the Cubans by working for the FBI. A little craftier than Colonel Simmons, he explains that his complete inability to speak Spanish is actually an asset that helped him fool the Cuban intelligence service.

  • A Boston University forum on Cuba next week featuring Senator Kerry, Congressman Delahunt, and other luminaries.

  • As part of Cuba’s sector-by-sector media campaign in advance of the UN vote, the sports institute claims that Cuba has not been able to receive prize money owed to Cuba for its performance in the World Baseball Classic, AFP reports.


Anonymous said...

Phil Peters,

Is the lack of mention of the exclusion of independent Cuban bloggers of a discussion sponsored by the magazine Temas on the Internet in Cuba an inadvertent omission or an editorial decision? Yoani Sanchez has a mini-video on her GeneraciĆ³n Y blog.

Vecino de NF

leftside said...

Yes Vecino, Phil hates independent Cuban bloggers.

Anonymous said...


"...Phil hates independent Cuban bloggers." Does he?

BTW he did post the news later. Thanks Phil!

Vecino de NF