Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dialogue with the Cuban military?

Brian Latell, former national intelligence officer for Latin America, reportedly told Radio France Internationale that U.S. military officers tell him they have been in touch with their Cuban counterparts, including in the Dominican Republic. The contacts, he says, could only have occurred with the approval of Raul Castro.

Right. And with George Bush’s blessing, too. Lincoln, call your office!

With due caution, Latell describes the report as unconfirmed.

Contacts with the Cuban military would certainly be a sign of new thinking in the Bush Administration. “Hard-liners” in and out of government can be found on both sides of this question. Some advocate such contacts because the Cuban military, to say the least, has a role in determining Cuba’s future course, and U.S. messages might be delivered better in person than by shouting across the straits, and we might learn something useful. Others have opposed the idea, arguing that Cuba’s military should focus on issues inside Cuba rather than on a dialogue with Americans, and U.S. officers are unlikely to gain useful information.

AFP English report is here. H/T: Penultimos Dias.

2 comments: said...

What do they say in Cuba?

Espero and Ojala? Something like that.

How can neighbors get to know each other with a huge fence between their properties?

Sounds like someone got a ladder and is looking over the fence to say hello.

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