Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Odds and ends

  • OAS chief Insulza, questioned by reporters, reiterates that he is “in favor of talking with Cuba, because to be on the margins of a regional institution is never good for a country, and nothing says one can’t talk.” But he will not “force this dialogue” if any OAS member disagrees. “There has been some change…that leads us to think that there is a transition, a certain shift in the balance of power in Cuba,” he said. Reuters English here, EFE Spanish here.

  • CNN dukes it out, point by point, with an offended Michael Moore regarding claims he made in his movie “Sicko.”


leftside said...

Why would Insulza give the US a clear veto power over something like this??

Phil Peters said...

Because the OAS operates by consensus unless it is impossible to avoid a vote that splits the membership.

leftside said...

Yes, everyone at the OAS knows that. This is why the explicit statement to that effect made no sense to me. He seemed to be pushing the idea of integrating Cuba, but then immediately weakened his position by letting the US off the hook for its intrangience. You do not enter a negotiation telling someone they can stop the whole thing by issuing a negative statement.