Monday, July 16, 2007

Odds and ends

  • Juan Orta, the ex-Castro aide who was named in the declassified CIA documents as an operative in a Castro poison pill plan, is the subject of a terrific profile by Gerardo Reyes of El Nuevo Herald (English version here). He was personal secretary to Castro, and ended his career as a toll collector in Miami. His sister denies his involvement in the CIA plot.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Phil, but the Lee Lockwood's photographs were linked in Penultimos dias last Friday -a day before Rui quoted.

Fantomas said...

sorry peters la rata de rui se copio de penultimos dias

Do your homework or quit blogging my friend

by the way ,,,What a pair of faggots in that picture, peters

solavaya, llevate a la china ya

Phil Peters said...


That makes three of us.

Thanks for the orientaciones.