Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Will Fidel run?

An October 21 date is set for nationwide municipal elections in a Council of State order signed by Raul Castro. Provincial and national legislative elections will follow at a date to be determined.

And the big question is whether, when the National Assembly election is held, the ballot in Santiago will bear the name of candidate Fidel Castro Ruz.

AP’s coverage here, Reuters’ here, and Prensa Latina English’s just-the-facts story is here.

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leftside said...

Talk about an interesting question. Most (including Peters) think it impossible that Fidel would sit this out unless his illness prevented it. I have a another (lightly held) belief that Fidel is quite content in his new role. I'd put the odds at 2-1 that he'll run, but would put a few bucks on the other side.