Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We report, you decide, as they say on TV.

“Tomas Estrada Palma in Annapolis, Maryland,” great-grandson of the Cuban president of the same name, offers a Fourth of July video message “bringing you the state of the Cuban resistance” on his blog.

Addressing the Cuban people – in English – he shows the steaks on the grill that the Cuban people can have “any day you want” once they gain their independence.

In the blog, he says it’s time to “crush” the Cuban economy, and time to stop sending remittances to Cubans, a step that will have “barely any effect on average Cubans.”

Or at least no effect that you can see from Annapolis, Maryland.

And there are also a series of prescriptions for the Cuban “resistance” that I’ll leave without description. See for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't he know that when you address the Cuban people in English and brandish meat at them you should always use pork?

Anonymous said...

Was this the guy running the elctronic billboard at USINT?

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Sorry amigos! The wife bought steaks. As for English, beside my Spanish not being great, I have my reasons for only writing in English. One day I'm going to explain all my reasoning for the things I do to free Cuba now. But I don't want to help the enemy so explanations will have to wait. I'll ask that you just trust me. I know how to fight this war of words.


Fantomas said...

Nice steaks Tomas

leftside said...

Too bad Cubans are not dogs that can be lured with meat. If so, Cuba would be empty by now. Perhaps there are more important things.

Fantomas said...

leftside dijo

Perhaps there are more important things.

such as

being anti american comunists PIGS---

wait until Mc donalds, BK, Walmart,Cotsco, Home depot, Toysrus, micky mouse ,7-11,Subway,coca cola land in cuba...( for the general public)

they will all say fidel who? what revolution?

Anonymous said...

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