Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Several bloggers (Babalu, Uncommon Sense) have discussed and linked to an odd website offering medical services in Cuba, with a partial price list for surgical procedures and a “tell us what is bothering you” response mechanism. I wrote, asked about the business, and got no answer.

“We are very good surgeons,” the website says, and it includes purported testimonials from patients who had spinal and heart bypass surgery.

Havana Hospital,” it says, is “the largest and most prestigious teaching hospital in Cuba;” it was featured in Michael Moore’s “Cannes Film Festival honored film SICKO,” and is “now open for Medical Tourism to Cuba.”

I don’t think there is any such thing as “Havana Hospital” in Havana. I do know that the hospital in the movie is the Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras, a huge, imposing building right on the Malecon. The website has photos – not of the hospital, but of a street scene with cocotaxis and the swimming pool at the Hotel Nacional.

There is nothing new about Cuba offering medical services to foreigners or promoting health tourism. Argentine soccer great Diego Maradona has gone there for drug rehab. In last week’s news, we saw that Trinidadian Prime Minister Patrick Manning returned from Cuba, where he had his pacemaker checked.

Havana Hospital” doesn’t seem to be a Cuban website. It doesn’t look or read like this one from Cubanacan or this one from Hermanos Ameijeiras itself. The site, in spite of the “testimonials,” is brand new; it was created on June 29, 2007, the day of “Sicko’s” general release in theaters. It is hosted by the American company It was registered by another American company, Domains by Proxy, Inc., which keeps the “Havana Hospital” people anonymous.

So what is “Havana Hospital?”

My guess is that it’s an attempt by people outside Cuba to capitalize on any interest in Cuban health care generated by “Sicko” by finding surgery patients, brokering services with Cuban hospitals, and handling hotel and travel arrangements from Mexico and Canada. And to do so through a pretty clumsy effort to portray themselves as “surgeons” in the hospital that we saw in the movie.

Caveat emptor.


Anonymous said...

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Fantomas said...
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Fantomas said...

Peters porque hicistes eso?

It was a valid question?

Who are you working for?

Donal said...

I have to agree with the "Caveat emptor" warning above. Moore's movie at one point even showed Cuba's hospitals two lines lower than American ones which were already quite far down the list. For that reason and others I offer my

The Smoke Will Make you "Sicko!"

I never inhaled much of that blue "Sicko" smoke, but I admit I'm frightened for the patient's condition and second hand smoke is perhaps even more deadly than her habit. That's why I ducked out when I couldn't avoid it or when she went right on smoking even after I politely asked her to refrain. The "good doctor's" prescription, however, "Universal Health Care," is -- even as he admits -- pure socialism. He doesn't bat an eyelash when he speaks into his Dictaphone, "So, what's wrong with that?" He's like a doctor at an autopsy dictating as he dissects a blackened, charred lung filled with tumors, "What lovely assets this woman has."

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