Monday, September 14, 2009

“The Cuban people don’t want that”

AP has a long and interesting profile of Cuban American National Foundation president Francisco “Pepe” Hernandez, including this:

“Of toppling Cuba’s government, he says now: ‘It’s not that I wouldn’t like to do it. It’s that I’m smart enough, and I have enough experience in these things, to know that that is not possible, and that it’s counterproductive at this time because the Cuban people don’t want that, and we don’t have enough resources.’”


Anonymous said...

well at least there is a pragmatic terrorist. how he can conflate the cuban people don't want it with we don't have the resources to do it (obviously over the objection of the cuban people) could only be reconciled in the mind of someone like Pepe, or his ilk. Another admission of CANF's support for terrorism.

Copper Canyon said...

Personally, when we talk about Cuba, it's almost all about the Friedman resistance and this is what the world labeled as "terrorism" an unfortunate truth!

CANDY said...

CUBA is a sad result of a capitalist experiment.