Saturday, September 26, 2009

U.S.-Cuba final in World Cup baseball (Updated)

[Update: The United States won the final, 10-5.]

Here are video highlights without narration of the 5-3 U.S. victory over Cuba Thursday in the World Cup baseball competition in Italy. Cuba beat Canada 5-1 yesterday to advance to the final on Sunday against the United States.


Anonymous said...

any defections yet?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the Cuban's sorrowful countenance at the end of the clip was due to the loss, or due to the fact he would have to return to the island.

Anonymous said...

The first two comments are so ridiculous in their bias. Its why real cubans would just not like miami exiles. Real cubans want more freedom, but not the kind the right wing tea baggin' exiles are calling for.

Culturally, (outside of politics) real cubans are latin americans. Culturally, Miami exiles are sarah palin, tea baggers, who are not really even latin.

Anonymous said...

"Tea baggin'". You sound like a child. "Real Cubans". Stop listening to your father. You certainly do not sound like a Cuban who currently lives on the island.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago, when there was some kind of baseball championship in Canada, several Cuban ballplayers defected. A local newspaper held a contest to guess how many Cubans would ultimately jump the fence for freedom.

The Maximum Leader was so enraged that he officially declared Canada to be the "Second Enemy Nation to the North."

I wonder how many Canadian Leftsides know this fact?